Discussion on Saturday 18 November: Frame Espresso – Codependence II

Frame Espresso: Codependence series continues with a discussion addressing questions and artistic practices of decolonization, featuring artists Outi Pieski, Marja Helander and Pauliina Feodorff.

The discussion is realized in collaboration with the Baltic Circle Festival as part of the two-day Skolt Sámi village council meeting programme, Sijdsååbbar, curated by Feodoroff. The discussion is moderated by Taru Elfving and it will be in Finnish.

Frame Espresso: Codependence is a discussion series developed out of the open call for the Finnish Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2017, drawing from the rich selection of proposed projects addressing the many dependencies and exclusions haunting the notion of independence. The series brings together a diverse set of artistic projects that open up the complexity of these issues and their entanglements, clearing space for the unheard and the unseen, fostering cross-disciplinary dialogue, as well as unveiling our embodied and material implication in the codependencies that form the present.

Frame Espresso is a forum for critical discussions on current trends, topics and challenges within contemporary art. Frame Espresso is a wandering event that pops up at changing venues. It is organised in collaboration with various art organisations.

Frame Espresso: Codependence II
Sat 18th November, 2–4pm
Location: Baltic Circle Festival, Konepajan Bruno, Aleksis Kiven katu 17 a, Helsinki


Image: Extracts from the documents in the Skolt Sámi Gramota Archive (National Archives of Finland).