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Frame is an advocate for Finnish contemporary art. We support international initiatives, facilitate professional partnerships, and encourage critical development of the field.

Vidha Saumya's artwork Readling List on the wall in a foyer with two chairs and a table.
Woman with dark hair and white shirt in from of a blue background.

Visitor Programme

Frame supports the networking of Finnish and Finland-based contemporary art professionals by inviting international art professionals to visit Finland. Our guests include curators, researchers and cultural producers.

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Artist Pilvi Takala, with white skin and short ash-blonde hair is pictured standing next to Curator Christina Li, with dark wavy hair and tawny skin. They are both looking into the camera, standing in front of a distressed brick wall on a bright sunny day.

Venice Biennale 2022

Close Watch, by Pilvi Takala, premieres at the Pavilion of Finland at the 59th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia. Commissioned and produced by Frame, the exhibition is curated by Christina Li.

Venice Biennale 2022
An art installation by Aniko Kuikka.


Frame awards two types of grants: a travel grant that can be applied for at any time, and a project grant that has two application periods per year.

Piles of publication Companion 3 on a table outdoor. There is a hand holding one book open.

Rehearsing Hospitalities Companion 3

Published by Frame Contemporary Art Finland and Archive Books, the 2021 edition looks into questions of hospitality safety, security and care.

Rehearsing Hospitalities Companion 3


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Frame receives EcoCompass certificate



Rehearsing Hospitalities continues in May with Redistributions

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Finnish artists to spot around Venice


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Podcast Pleasurable Ecologies – Formations of Care: Second episode out now

Pilvi Takala Close Watch, 25 April – 27 November. Pavilion of Finland at 59th International Art Exhibition- La Biennale di Venezia Giardini Venice


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Blog: The problem remains the same without redistribution beyond hospitality

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Blog: An ode to peer reviewers


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from apparitions / [9 x 9]. Reading performance by Nat Raha


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A Cube Inside A Cube: Not too Close Not too Far, Somewhere Between Standing & Departure. A performance by Sepideh Rahaa.


Rehearsing Hospitalities, Videos

Rest / Unrest: Notes on Loitering. A performance by Shubhangi Singh

Installation view of Laura Cemin's work. Tv-screen with photographs on the wall.

Travel Grant 2022:
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Frame accepts applications for travel grants for 2022 continuously.

Travel grants are available to artists, art professionals and workgroups.

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