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Frame is an advocate for Finnish contemporary art. We support international initiatives, facilitate professional partnerships, and encourage critical development of the field.

Vidha Saumya's artwork Readling List on the wall in a foyer with two chairs and a table.

Visitor Programme

Frame supports the networking of Finnish and Finland-based contemporary art professionals by inviting international art professionals to visit Finland. Our guests include curators, researchers and cultural producers.

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Three artists sitting next to each other and smiling at the camera. On the left is Vidha Saumya, a person with light brown skin and wavy, dark brown hair and a bright blue shirt. In the middle is Jenni-Juulia Wallinheimo-Heimonen, white-skinned with blonde hair, wearing a blue, white and red patterned knitted shirt and a blue cardigan on top. An elbow crutch is resting on her lap. On the right is Pia Lindman, with white skin and grey-brown hair, wearing a red shirt underneath a black cardigan.

Venice Biennale

Commissioning and producing the exhibition to the Aalto Pavilion of Finland is Frame’s most extensive international project. The next edition of the Biennale will be held in 2024.

Venice Biennale 2024


Frame awards two types of grants: a travel grant that can be applied for at any time, and a project grant that has two application periods per year.



Frame publishes various materials to accompany our international programme. Publications, reports, event documentation and other resources can be accessed through our website.

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A yellow installation wall in the middle of a brightly lighted exhibition space. There are seven framed multi-colored photograph works by Emma Sarpaniemi installed on the wall.



March Open Call for 2024 Grant Applications

White text on a dark green background. The text tells about the sustainable visual arts day of 26 April 2024.



Save the Date: Sustainability day for visual arts on 26 April



Juha Huuskonen is the new Director of Frame

A light pink book on a grey background. In the cover there is the word 'Falling' in dark green color.



A new book explores the potentials of curatorial research


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Wooden box in front of a dark blue wooden wall.



Blog: Towards more sustainable exhibition practices at the Venice Art Biennale



Blog: Government programme aims to invest in international operations of art


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Rehearsing Hospitalities, Videos

Conflicting Relations


Rehearsing Hospitalities, Videos

No Niin and Mavelinadu Collective at Editorial Tables: Reciprocal Hospitalities


Rehearsing Hospitalities, Videos

Recipes for Commoning