Join in November: Transformative Actions for Contemporary Arts

Wednesday 22 November 2023 at 1–6 pm
Kone Foundation, Lauttasaari manor, Otavantie 10, 00200 Helsinki

As a part of the ongoing Islands of Kinship project, Frame will host a gathering of six European art institutions in Helsinki in November. As a part of the gathering, we are organising a public programme taking place on Wednesday 22 November from 1.15–5.30 pm at Kone Foundation’s Lauttasaari Manor. 

The programme invites everyone to meet the Islands of Kinship partners and join local experts for a panel discussion on sustainability and inclusivity in art organisations. The discussion is followed by an event hosted by IHME Helsinki and WAUHAUS Collective. Language of the events is English and they are free of charge.

Islands of Kinship: A Collective Manual for Sustainable and Inclusive Art Institutions is a two-year project connecting six visual art institutions across Europe. Throughout the programme, they seek new models and solutions to implement strategies of togetherness, fairness, responsibility, and kindness in their operations. The project is co-funded by the European Union.

Please sign up for the event through an online form by 15 November 2023. You can sign up for the first, second or both parts of the afternoon. In addition to organisers and the Islands of Kinship network, the amount of participants is limited to 45 people (panel discussion) and 25 people (the IHME & Wauhaus session).


For people with mobility challenges, there is barrier-free access to the Lauttasaari manor at the back of the building (Kauppaneuvoksentie 18). The manor has an accessible toilet.

The event includes regular breaks and there are also calm spaces to take a break. The participants are free to come and go during the event.

In case you have special needs or access needs you would like us to consider in order for you to participate, you can inform us beforehand through the registration form or by contacting us at info@frame-finland.fi.

The language of the event is English. The discussion will be available later as an audio recording.

In this event, we comply by Frame Contemporary Art Finland’s safer space guidelines.


1:15–2:45 pm
Panel discussion:
Transformative Actions for Contemporary Arts 

In this joint discussion facilitator Kay Han, writer-artist Isa Hukka and S.U.R. Colectivo (Sofia Guridi Sotomayor, Florencia Pochinki, Amy Gelera and Natalia Ruiz Román)  present their views, practices and experiences in relation to social and ecological sustainability of art institutions. They lead discussion on how art institutions can work on the questions of climate justice, transformative justice and eco-cripness and their intersections. 

The speakers will shortly present their approaches on what are the possible pragmatic actions for the future of the institutions. After that, we will have a break (20 min) and open the floor for questions and responses from the audience. The panel discussion will not be streamed, but it will be available as an audio recording later.

3:00–5:30 pm
IHME Helsinki & W A U H A U S:
What’s fermenting? 

Planning and facilitation: Aliisa Talja and Samuli Laine / WAUHAUS Collective.

As the second part of the afternoon, IHME Helsinki together with the WAUHAUS Collective present What’s fermenting? A peer discussion.

What’s fermenting? Is a pause, a moment for personal reflection and a space for sharing as a part of the Islands of Kinship event. The session invites people together to stop and share in a world shaken by diverse crises of sustainability. During the afternoon we will tune into sensing our relationship to the environment, as well as the thoughts and experiences related to environment and environmental crises. We will discuss these topics and evoke thoughts about means of change. 

The programme of the event consists of listening, reflection, sharing own experiences, and facilitated discussion in small groups. The event can fit a maximum of 25 participants. Fermented drinks will be served.

Design: Reishabh Kailey

Islands of Kinship: A Collective Manual for Sustainable and Inclusive Art Institutions (2022–2024) aims to instil more ecological and socially sustainable practices within contemporary art institutions. The project is financed by the European Union. The organisations involved in the project are Frame Contemporary Art Finland (Helsinki), the Jindřich Chalupecký Society (Prague, Czech Republic), the Faculty of Things that Can’t be Learned (Bitola/Skopje, Macedonia), the Július Koller Society (Bratislava, Slovakia), Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art – LCCA (Riga, Latvia), Temporary Gallery (Cologne, Germany) and Stroom Den Haag (The Hague, Netherlands).

IHME Helsinki is an art commissioning agency that combines art, science and climate work to offer hope amid the environmental crisis. At the heart of IHME is an annual public artwork that is made together with international artist or artist group and Finnish and foreign partners. The annual commissions are accompanied with series of events throughout the year. IHME Helsinki Commissions and event series promote the cultural change needed to tackle the environmental crisis. Through their commissions, IHME is constantly exploring ecologically sustainable ways of making international collaborations, bringing art to diverse audiences in public space and developing environmentally friendly operating models for art institutions. IHME Helsinki Commissions’ artists include Jana Winderen (2020), Katie Paterson (2021), Amar Kanwar (2022), Hiwa K (2023) and Cooking Sections (2024).


Kay Han is interested in sustainable community, relations and ecology. Kay works as a facilitator to support efforts in shared resources, tools and cooperation at the intersections of relationships within and between communities and the people in them. She is currently hosting a series of sustainability workshops discussing community conflict through indigenous transformative/restorative justice methods.

S.U.R. is a collective promoting care, comfort, support and expression. It is a collaborative space where we engage with the development and dissemination of cultural, artistic and knowledge practices. S.U.R. is a platform where uncomfortable conversations emerge, through a global South-North dialogue that allows us to overcome colonial epistemic, aesthetic and cultural paradigms. S.U.R. is a device for decolonization; because we understand the south (sur) not just as geography but as a way of standing, experiencing and dancing through the world.

Isa Hukka is a writer, artist, and student. They are based in Helsinki, although parts of them belong to Pohjois-Pohjanmaa, København, and Tiohtià:ke/Montréal. In addition to participating in crip grassroots organizing and making performances in Helsinki, they have worked with translating. Various magazines have published their award-winning poetry. Currently, Hukka studies philosophy, focusing on feminist critiques of identity politics. They also facilitate a crip artistic working group ‘rampa productions’ that performs at the Baltic Circle International Theatre Festival in November 2023. In the near future, Hukka continues to explore radical access and care, trauma-informed working methods, and crip mythologies.

WAUHAUS is a Helsinki-based multidisciplinary arts collective that was founded in 2016. The collective’s works are situated between different genres of art and they take place at various venues, such as small black box theatres, urban sites, large stadiums, and the main stages of established theatre houses. The members of WAUHAUS are scenographer Laura Haapakangas, director Juni Klein, scenographer Samuli Laine, sound designer Jussi Matikainen, choreographer Jarkko Partanen, media artist Jani-Matti Salo, sound designer Heidi Soidinsalo, and producer Julia Hovi. WAUHAUS is known for their comprehensive audiovisual stage aesthetics and methods of shared authorship. The collective collaborates with other artists and institutions both in Finland and abroad.