Venice Biennale is one of the most important international forums for presenting contemporary art and a meeting place for art professionals from all over the world. Producing the exhibition for the Pavilion of Finland is Frame’s most extensive international project. The 57th Venice Biennale will be held 13 May – 26 November 2017 and Finland will present The Aalto Natives by Erkka Nissinen and Nathaniel Mellors.

Venice Biennale 2017

The exhibition in the Pavilion of Finland is called The Aalto Natives. Read more about the exhibition in the Venice Biennale.


Artists Erkka Nissinen ja Nathaniel Mellors will represent Finland in the 2017 Venice Biennale.


Besides the national pavilion, designed by architect Alvar Aalto, Finland participates in the Nordic Pavilion alongside Norway and Sweden.

Venice Biennale 2015

Artist duo IC-98 represented Finland in the Venice Biennale 2015 with the installation Hours, Years, Aeons.

Venice Biennale 2013

Artists Antti Laitinen (Aalto Pavilion) and Terike Haapoja (Nordic Pavilion) represented Finland with the exhibition Falling Trees.


Venice Biennale, founded in 1895, is the oldest and largest contemporary art biennale in the world. Finnish artists have participated in the biennale for over a hundred years.