New staff at Frame

This month, two team members have joined Frame.

Associate Curator Yvonne Billimore has returned to Frame after working with other projects for a year. Francisco Trento will be working as Social Responsibility Coordinator, which is a new position at Frame, linked to the Islands of Kinship -project.

Yvonne Billimore has been working with Frame as the Associate Curator since 2019, but for the last 12 months she has been on the Isle of Skye, Scotland, working as the co-artistic director of ATLAS Arts (parental leave cover). She is a graduate of the ViCCA programme at Aalto University and has previously worked as the programme manager at Scottish Sculpture Workshop. They are returning to work at Frame on the final year of Rehearsing Hospitalities and will be working on curating, planning and delivering the public programme and the accompanying publication series. 

Francisco Trento will work as Frame’s new social responsibility coordinator. The coordinator monitors and expands the operations and activities of the organisation in the fields of social equity, ecological sustainability and climate justice. As part of the project Islands of Kinship, Francisco will take the role of Frame’s ombudsperson by analysing Frame’s practices and proposing policy changes. Francisco has a PhD degree in Communication and Semiotics, and they have been developing research on neurodiversity, queerness and ableism within art education institutions at UniArts Helsinki since 2019.

We are delighted to have Yvonne and Francisco to complement our team of professionals!

Find all staff contact details here.

A black-and-white collage of two portraits. On the left, Yvonne Billimore, a white person with dark long hair is looking to the camera and wearing round-shaped eyeglasses. On the right, Francisco Trento, a white person with dark short hair is looking at the camera and smiling.

Yvonne Billimore (left), image by Kira Björklund and Francisco Trento (right), image by Annabelle Antas.