Islands of Kinship strengthens the ecological and social sustainability of art institutions

Frame is involved in a joint project between seven European art institutions called Islands of Kinship: A Collective Manual for Sustainable and Inclusive Art Institutions, which aims to instil more ecological and socially sustainable practices within contemporary art institutions. The goal is to deepen art institutions’ knowledge of practices that promote inclusivity and equity and to create new ways of considering ecological sustainability and climate justice in their actions.

The two-year project will start in September 2022 and continue until spring 2024. It is financed by the European Union’s Creative Europe programme. The other organizations involved in the project are the Jindřich Chalupecký Society (Prague, Czech Republic), the Faculty of Things that Can’t be Learned (Bitola/Skopje, Macedonia), the Július Koller Society (Bratislava, Slovakia), Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art – LCCA (Riga, Latvia), Temporary Gallery (Cologne, Germany) and Stroom Den Haag (The Hague, Netherlands).

“At Frame, Islands of Kinship is also intertwined with our Rehearsing Hospitalities programme, which has already served as a platform for testing new practices. The proposed solutions can broadly target issues related to equality and justice that are relevant to art institutions, such as climate change, the accessibility of activities or the status of indigenous cultures,” says Frame’s Head of Programme Jussi Koitela.

During the project, each organization will have a coordinator who also participates in strategic and administrative development, as well as designing future programmes from the perspectives of social and ecological sustainability. The coordinator evaluates and monitors how things are developing throughout the project. As part of the project, Frame has established a new position of Social Responsibility Coordinator, and the search is currently underway to fill this post.

The end result of the project will be a handbook that can be applied to the activities of various art institutions. The handbook and the results of the project will be published at an international seminar in spring 2024. Additionally, in conjunction with a programme for audiences, Frame will also organize a partner meeting in Finland in 2023.