Frame is moving to Töölö

In June, Frame will move its office to Töölö in central Helsinki. We will host an open house and an art book giveaway at our current office in Ratakatu on 4–5 May when anyone can come over to pick up books for free.

In June, Frame Contemporary Art Finland will move its office to Töölö in central Helsinki. Our new office is located at street level in Töölönkatu 11, 00100 Helsinki. The office space will be shared by Frame, the Centre for Finnish Media Art AV-arkki, and the international theatre festival Baltic Circle.

Frame’s office has been located in Ratakatu in Helsinki since 2016. The current office building in Ratakatu will face extensive renovation in the upcoming years.

After the summer, we will invite everyone to visit our new premises in Töölö!

Open days for Art Book Giveaway at Frame’s office

Before the move, we are cleaning our bookshelves and giving away some of our art books and catalogues. There will be a wide selection of extra copies of international exhibition catalogues and some of our grant-supported publications up for grabs.

We are also giving away a selection of artist books and exhibition catalogues. Another selection of books is being donated to the Kiasma library, where they will be accessible to professionals, researchers and everyone interested in contemporary art. We will also keep an extensive selection at our new office.

Frame will host an open house and a book giveaway at our current office (Ratakatu 1b A, Helsinki, see accessibility information on this page) on Thursday and Friday 4–5 May at 10 am–4 pm when anyone can come over and pick up some books for free. A warm welcome to take a look and dig in!

A greenish-grey building with orange stone foundation. There is an arched doorway with the number 11 and the letter A carved about it. There are arched windows on the steet level and square windows on the floors above.

Frame office is located in this building in the address Töölönkatu 11 A, 00100 Helsinki. Image by Reishabh Kailey.