Decisions of the Spring grant calls out now

Frame distributes funds from the Ministry of Culture and Education to promote Finnish contemporary arts internationally.

The decisions based on the March 2024 application round are now published on Frame’s website. The grants were awarded for international contemporary art projects featuring Finnish and Finland-based artists in 2024.

A total of 64,500 euros were awarded in grants among 18 applicants in Frame’s March 2024 project grant application round. We received 69 applications altogether. 

A total of 26,480 euros were awarded in grants among 26 applicants in Frame’s March-April 2024 travel grant application round. We received 121 applications altogether. 

For international activities during the summer and autumn, you can still apply for an artist travel grant until 31 October 2024 and an art professional travel grant until 31 August 2024. Application period for 2025 will start again at the end of the year.

Frame’s grants support international exhibitions, publications, participation in art fairs, and art professionals’ international travels. Grant decisions are based on peer review assessments.

Thank you to all the applicants!

An exhibition space with dark wooden floor and ceiling and white walls. There is a white pyramid-like staircase in the middle of the space, and a big screen in the back wall showcasing art works by artist Sasha Huber.

Installation view of the exhibition ‘You Name It’ by artist Sasha Huber in Ferme-Asile, Sion, Switzerland between 27 April – 14 July 2024. The exhibition is supported by Frame. Photos by Olivier Lovey.