Call for project grant applications opened

On Monday, 1 March, Frame Contemporary Art Finland opened a new round of grant applications for international contemporary art projects featuring Finnish and Finland-based artists in 2021. Applications are invited for both project grants and travel grants.

Sari Koski Vähälä, Thought of Beauty ”Man-Maid-Nature” -group exhibition in Copenhagen, February 2021. Image by Anders Sune Berg.

Frame’s grants are available to artists, contemporary art professionals, and local and international contemporary art organisations. The grants are awarded to promote and support the presentation of Finnish art abroad, such as for the purpose of international exhibitions and publications, the participation of Finnish galleries in international art fairs and networking-related travel by contemporary art experts.

Grants are awarded in the following fields: visual art, photography, media art, applied art, comics art, performance art and sound art.

Call for project grant applications throughout March

Project grants can be applied for by organisations planning international contemporary art projects with Finnish and Finland-based artists in 2021. In addition, project grants are available to artists and organisations for the purpose of producing international art publications.

The deadline for project grant applications is Wednesday, 31 March 2021 at 11.59 pm Finnish time.

Artists and art professionals can apply for travel grants any time

Frame accepts applications for travel grants any time. Travel grants are available to artists, art professionals and work groups:

  • Visual artists who are Finnish or based in Finland can apply for travel grants for exhibitions outside of Finland. Although travelling abroad is not currently recommended, artists can still apply for our grants to cover travel expenses such as the transportation and insurance of artworks.
  • Finnish and Finland-based art experts can apply for travel grants for work-related trips abroad.
  • Foreign contemporary art experts can apply for travel grants for work-related trips to Finland.
  • Finland-based organisations can apply for travel grants in order to invite a foreign art professional to Finland.

Travel grant decisions for artists are made every second month. Decisions regarding travel grants for art experts are made four times a year.

How to apply

Grants can be applied for in Finnish, English or Swedish. Detailed instructions are found on Frame’s website. Fill in your application online on Frame’s grant service.

All applicants will be informed of Frame’s decision personally by email. The names of grant recipients will also be published on Frame’s website.

Book a grant clinic appointment

We are arranging a grant clinic on Thursday, 11 November between 12 pm and 4 pm Finnish time. Book an appointment for personal guidance and let us help you compile your application!

The appointments are 20-minute phone call slots. You can ask about your application and our Grants Coordinator Veera Lizé will share further details about Frame’s grants.

Book your appointment through this link.

Frame grants in a nutshell

Frame awards grants to promote opportunities for Finnish artists to exhibit internationally. We also strive to support Finnish artists’ international careers, improve their livelihood, and support international partnerships and collaboration within the field of contemporary arts. A total of 750 artists and art practitioners apply for Frame grants every year. The sum applied for annually is 2 million euro. On average we award grants for 170 projects and over 200 artists and art experts per year. In 2020 we awarded a total sum of approximately 270,000 euro in grants.There are six rounds of travel grants and two rounds of project grants.

More information

Veera Lizé, Grant Coordinator
tel. + 358 (0) 44 728 9914

Frame Contemporary Art Finland makes Finnish contemporary art more international, powerful and visible. We support international collaboration within the Finnish contemporary art field both in Finland and abroad. In addition, Frame functions as the information centre for Finnish contemporary art. 

Frame distributes funds from the Ministry of Culture and Education to promote Finnish contemporary arts internationally. The grants are awarded on the basis of official strategies adopted by the Ministry of Culture and Education and Frame.