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Apply to join Frame’s Grant Committee

We are looking for four peer reviewers to join Frame’s Grant Committee for 2023–2025. The deadline for applications is 30 April 2023.

Are you interested in international activities of Finnish contemporary art? Do you have experience with exhibitions abroad and a good knowledge of contemporary art? You can be a museum professional or an artist, curator, researcher, or other professional working in the field of contemporary art. We are looking for peer reviewers to join Frame’s Grant Committee for 2023–2025.

The committee’s task is to review applications from contemporary artists as well as Finnish and international art organisations seeking support for international projects featuring Finnish contemporary art.

We are recruiting four members for the committee. Three of them will evaluate artist and project applications and one will evaluate applications from other art experts such as curators and museum professionals. We aim to have members from different areas of contemporary art, as well as the widest possible diversity in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, etc.

The Board of Directors of the Frame Foundation may also invite experts to join the Grant Committee from outside this call. The names of the Grant Committee members are public.

A side-view of a stairwell against a plain wall in an indoor space with lots of natural light and two artworks hanging on the wall on either side of the stairwell. The artworks are 3D blob-like forms, one green and the other golden-brown.

Renata Schirm, MYRIAD at Gallery Factory 2, Seoul, 2023. Image: Jeong Hae

Peer reviewers of artist and project applications (three members)

Compensation and working hours

There are two rounds of project applications and six rounds of travel applications per year. Peer reviewers are expected to assess two project application rounds and two travel grant application rounds annually, for which they will be paid 2,400 euros per year. Travel expenses for orientation and meetings within Finland are reimbursed.

The committee member’s workload totals about 15 full working days per year. The processing time is about 20–30 hours per application round and the Grant Committee convenes for meetings for a total of about six hours twice a year. Reviewers are given about one week to evaluate travel applications and about four weeks for project applications.

Expert visitor evaluator (one member)

Compensation and working hours

The expert visitor evaluator is expected to review four travel application rounds for expert visitors per year, for which they will be paid 500 euros annually. Travel expenses within Finland for orientation are reimbursed.

The workload totals about 5–8 full working days per year. The processing time is about 10–15 hours per application round. The evaluator has approximately one week per application round.

Length of term

The term is two years from 1 December 2023 to 31 November 2025. The members of the committee will receive induction preparing them for the task.

Prerequisites for working in the grant committee

1. Language skills and technical requirements

The task requires good Finnish and English skills and basic Swedish skills. Applicants are allowed to apply for grants within the realm of state subsidy in Finland’s official languages (Finnish and Swedish) and in English. Evaluators must be able to conduct a discussion in English if necessary.

The evaluation is performed online, so the candidate must have their own computer, a personal e-mail address and access to online networks.

2. Evaluation of artistic work, the host organisation, and the financing of the project

Successful candidates will require in-depth knowledge and experience in international exhibitions and an understanding of contemporary art and its various areas and actors.

The criteria for grant decisions made by the Grant Committee are based on the quality of artistic work, the scope of the project, the significance of the partners, the significance of the project to the artist’s career, and the project’s financial and practical feasibility.

Evaluators are therefore required to be able to assess the artistic standard of the project, its relevance to the international career of the artist, the significance of other contemporary art professionals involved in the project, the role of the host organisation, and the feasibility of the project.

The evaluation will also take into account the aspects of equality and equity, regional balance and consideration of the different genres of contemporary art.

3. Deadlines and confidentiality

Peer reviewers are required to carry out the evaluation at specified intervals after the end of each round of applications. They must also commit to confidentiality and equal treatment of all applicants.


Frame’s grant committee members are barred from receiving a grant from Frame. Nor is any project in which a member of the grant committee is involved eligible for a grant from Frame. Members of the grant committee are disqualified from making decisions regarding applicants in their close circle.

Application procedure

Frame promotes equality and inclusion in all its activities. We welcome applicants of all ages, genders and linguistic, cultural and other minorities. If you belong to any of these groups, feel free to indicate this in your application. We treat all information you provide confidentially. Frame observes an anti-harassment strategy.

Send your application in Finnish or English justifying why you qualify to serve as a member of the Frame Grant Committee (max. 1 A4) and your CV to: applications@frame-finland.fi. Send your application and CV as a single PDF file.

Deadline for applications: 30 April 2023.

The Board of Directors of the Frame Foundation will decide on the members of the committee and confirm them at its meeting in May 2023, after which their names will be announced.

For more information, please contact:

Jaakko Uoti, Grants Coordinator, jaakko.uoti@frame-finland.fi, +358 50 308 7293

Raija Koli, Director, raija.koli@frame-finland.fi, +358 44 728 9938