This year’s first grant decisions published

Frame distributes funds from the Ministry of Culture and Education to promote Finnish contemporary arts internationally.

The decisions based on the November-December 2022 grant round are now published on Frame’s website. The grants are awarded for international contemporary art projects featuring Finnish and Finland-based artists in 2023.

A total of 90 900 euros were awarded in grants among 18 applicants in Frame’s November 2022 project grant application round. We received 68 applications altogether.

We received a total of 84 travel grant applications for 2023 in the November-December 2022 application round, of which 17 applicants were awarded grants with a total value of 24 000 euros.

Frame’s grants support international exhibitions, publications, participation in art fairs as well as art professionals’ international travels.

Our next project grant call opens on Wednesday 1 March 2023. Travel grants can be applied continuously. Read more about Frame’s grants.

See the full list of awarded grants here.

Thank you to all the applicants!

Jaana Laakkonen’s installation displayed in a gallery space with white walls. The installation consists of a textile piece hanging from the ceiling. The fabric is beige in colour and see through, probably made of jute. Another work is hanging on a wall in the background. A small shelf-looking object is attached to the wall on the left.

Jaana Laakkonen, t/hereouch (ouoùouille), 2020/2022. Breaking Water exhibition in Contemporary Arts Centre, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, 6.5.–14.8.2022. Curated by Clelia Coussonnet and Amara Antilla. Photo: Wes Battoclette. Laakkonen’s participation in the exhibition was supported with Frame’s Project Grant.