Rehearsing Hospitalities

Codes of Accessibility—Reflecting and Thinking-With the Rehearsing Hospitalities 2021 Programme

Essay by Irina Mutt

One of two texts which were commissioned and published in the context of Frame’s public programme Rehearsing Hospitalities (2019-2023) to simultaneously offer a critical review of the programme and provide a platform for developing new art writing. Irina Mutt and Mike Watson were invited to follow the annual Gathering for Rehearsing Hospitalities in September 2021 and engage with the programme’s exhibitions, events and publications

Irina Mutt is an interdependent writer and curator from Barcelona, currently based in Helsinki. Her research ranges from video games to post-porn, to experimental publishing and temporalities outside the hegemonic sense of productivity or linear time. Her strategies include writing and curating from short distances and mixing politics with pleasure. Lately, she has been involved in an open and collaborative radio broadcast in Helsinki, and she still quotes Annie Sprinkle to talk about art.

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Title Codes of Accessibility—Reflecting and Thinking With the Rehearsing Hospitalities 2021 Programme