Rehearsing Hospitalities: Towards Ecologies of Access on 24 April 2020

Towards Ecologies of Access is a discursive event forming part of Frame Contemporary Art Finland’s 2019-2023 Rehearsing Hospitalities public programme. The event takes the form of online conversations between artists and curators and is available to audiences through a live written transcription on 24 April, 2–5pm Finnish time (GMT +2).

Towards Ecologies of Access hosts dialogues with artists Kristiina Koskentola and Pia Lindman marking the continuation of an ongoing process which began in spring 2019 during the Epistemic Hospitality event. In this event they share their current research and practice in conversation with curators Lars Bang Larsen and Mi You.  


Series of discussions on access to different situated knowledges

Rehearsing Hospitalities 2019 responded to sociologist Boaventura de Sousa Santo’s concept of Ecologies of Knowledge, asking how contemporary art might become more hospitable towards diverse and interconnected knowledges. Continuing with Ecologies of Knowledge and applying it also to questions of access, the 2020 programme will address art and institutional potential to facilitate plural and decentralised forms of knowing and accessibility.

Towards Ecologies of Access is a series of discussions on access to knowledge and experiences outside of Western epistemological binaries such as the body-soul, material-virtual and human-non-human divide. In their conversations the participants will reference different practices and cultural traditions such as shamanism, subsensorial ways of knowing and psychedeliasituated, embodied ways of knowing that are often marginalised or rendered invalid within Western and colonial knowledge systems.  

The event looks into the ethics of artistic engagement in bringing these ways of knowing to the foreground and creating access to different situated knowledges. It questions who can obtain ‘access’ to certain practices and how cultural power structures shape the ownership and production of these knowledges.

Towards Ecologies of Access is moderated by Frame’s Head of Programme Jussi Koitela and Associate Programme Curator Yvonne Billimore, with live written transcription by artist Iona Roisin.

The full programme and the contibutors biographies are available here.

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Participate online

This event is accessible to audiences live through an online written transcription of the discussion, with images and links to videos embedded. Previously, online transcriptions have been an additional option in our events, but during the pandemic the transcripts will be the main way to participate. Sound recordings of the discussion and an edited version of the transcription will be made available at a later date on Frame’s website.

Everyone is warmly welcome to follow the discussion in real time by following the link:
Rehearsing Hospitalities: Towards Ecologies of Access

The file will be available online for a further two weeks after the event. The document is set to allow viewing and commenting, please do share thoughts and questions.
The event and written transcription are in English.


Please contact us if you have specific access needs and we will try to accommodate them: yvonne.billimore@frame-finland.fi


Still image from the video Flesh and Metal. Light and Oil. (2020) by Kristiina Koskentola.