In the Rehearsing Hospitalities programme, Frame collaborates with various contributors to produce different materials and resources such as video documentations, podcasts, and written documents.

Rehearsing Hospitalities experiments with forms of public programming and documentation, which in turn produces a range of resource materials on matters of hospitality. These are actively gathered and disseminated throughout the programme to encourage different levels of access and engagement. 

These materials work across different registers and range from commissioned artworks and performances to publications and transcriptions of live events. Annual Rehearsing Hospitalities reading lists also feature in these materials as a means of citing practitioners and practices which inform the programme. It is a key intention to make the knowledge and resources produced in connection to Rehearsing Hospitalities as open and transparent as possible, and to develop this further as we go. 

Rehearsing Hospitalities aims to establish long-term discussions with the programme participants and different audiences in order to foster meaningful relationships and collaborations. Please feel free to share these materials for personal non-commercial reasons using appropriate citations for the artists and projects. Please contact the Head of Programme for inquiries regarding public dissemination.

A book open on a table.

Rehearsing Hospitalities Companion 2. Image Kira Björklund.