Port Journeys network is looking for a Helsinki-based artist-run gallery or community

We are looking for a Helsinki-based artist-run gallery or community to join Port Journeys, a contemporary art network initiated by ZOU-NO-HANA TERRACE in Yokohama. Frame will support the elected participant during the years 2016-2018 by awarding a grant for travel and accommodation costs. The first meeting in 2016 will be held in Hamburg.

The network brings together artists and art organisations from different port cities around the world. The aim of the network is to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing among the participants. The Port Journey cities are San Diego, Melbourne, Nantes, Hamburg, Yokohama and Helsinki.

Port Journeys is run by Tokyo-based Spiral Art Centre, the founder of ZOU-NO-HANA TERRACE. Frame has participated in the network as a partner in Helsinki.

Please apply with a brief application (max two A4s) describing:

  • why your organisation wants to participate in the project and how the project would benefit the organisation
  • who will be responsible for the project in the applying community or organisation

Please send your application by Sunday 31 January to hakemukset@frame-finland.fi.

More information:

Director Raija Koli, Frame Visual Art Finland, raija.koli@frame-finland.fi

Port Journeys website