Our autumn programme and grant application deadlines

This autumn’s public events scheduled as part of Frame’s Gathering for Rehearsing Hospitalities will be postponed to spring 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. In September we will launch a brand-new publication together with a series of online readings.

To guarantee the safety of participants, all meetings held as part of our International visitor programme for art professionals will take place online. However, there will be no changes to Frame’s upcoming rounds for travel and project grant applications.

Publication on hospitality and access will be launched in September

As the planned Gathering for Rehearsing Hospitalities event has been postponed, there will be a variety of online options for accessing the Rehearsing Hospitalities programme.

We will launch the Rehearsing Hospitalities Companion 2 publication during a celebratory online event at the end of September. The publication is the second publication in a series of readers published by Frame Contemporary Art Finland and Archive Books.

Rehearsing Hospitalities Companion 2 gathers together conversations on questions of access, knowledge and hospitality in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.The publication containing 16 contributions will be released digitally in open access-format with hard-copies.

At the online gathering to be held from September to October, the publication’s contributors and its two editors, Yvonne Billimore and Jussi Koitela, will delve into issues concerning different forms of access and hospitality in society and art.

The outline of the conversations will be announced during September.


New round of grant applications for 2021 opens in November

Since exhibitions are currently still being organised around the world, the upcoming rounds for Frame’s travel and project grant applications will be held as usual. The final deadlines for travel grant applications are 31 August and 31 October.

Although travelling abroad is not currently recommended, artists can still apply for our grants to cover travel expenses such as the transportation and insurance of artworks.

The new round of travel grant applications for 2021 opens at the beginning of November. The call for project grant applications for international contemporary art projects in 2021 will also be open throughout November.


Seminar on ecological sustainability in arts

On 19 November a seminar Towards ecologically sustainable art institutional practise will be organised in collaboration with Frame, Mustarinda, HIAP Helsinki International Artist Programme and IHME Helsinki. Further information will follow soon.

Image: Laura Soisalon-Soininen. The image documents a series of articulations during the process of her upcoming artistic commission at Frame Contemporary Art Finland’s office space, commissioned in the context of Rehearsing Hospitalities.