Frame’s new visual identity was designed by Chris Bolton and Linda Linko


Frame’s new visual identity of Frame was designed by graphic designers Chris Bolton and Linda Linko. The element that ties everything together is Frame’s own font, Frame sans, designed by graphic designer Jaakko Suomalainen in co-operation with Bolton and Linko. The goal was to create a new look that would stand the test of time, be easily recognisable and stand out among the other actors in the field of art.

In the design, it was important to ensure that the visual identity would communicate both Frame’s understanding of the tradition of Finnish art and the desire to find something new and to be a pioneer in making visual art more international. The design of the Frame sans -typeface in particular found inspiration in old Finnish typefaces and typography, with which a modern spirit was combined.

”We wanted to create a visual identity for Frame that would not repeat the stereotypes often seen in the looks of exhibitions, for example. Freshness and open-mindedness were important factors,” says Linda Linko.

The version 1.0 of the Frame website has just been published, and its development will continue for some time to come. The website provides current information about issues such as grant applications and projects implemented abroad. In addition, we also provide news of other Finnish visual art projects abroad. The website was created by Byroo from Helsinki. Byroo previously created the sites for the Flow Festival and VisitFinland.