Frame receives EcoCompass certificate

Frame has been granted the EcoCompass certificate as recognition for progress in environmental work. We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint according to the principles of continuous improvement.

Frame has collaborated with EcoCompass since March 2021. After successfully completing the auditing in April 2022, we have received the EcoCompass certificate, which is valid for three years. EcoCompass is an environmental management system (EMS) owned by the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation. It works with organisations and companies to improve their environmental impact.

During the certification process, Frame evaluated the environmental impact of its operations and implemented sustainable working models to reduce it.

“At Frame, the whole staff is engaged in the environmental work, which is part of each sector from office practicalities and communications to international visitor programme and Venice Biennale exhibition production. We still have a lot of work to do, but the EcoCompass process has helped us with both setting the goals and following their execution”, says Raija Koli, Director of Frame.

As part of the EcoCompass process, the organisation creates an environmental programme, which includes objectives and measures to reduce environmental harm. Frame has taken an environmental pledge and is committed to monitoring its environmental impact according to the principles of continuous improvement.

Frame’s environmental pledge:

  • Continuously integrate ecological operating models into daily workflow.
  • Reduce fossil fuel emissions. Identify areas of our work where we can use renewable energy.
  • Choose consciously and responsibly. Ask service providers if they take sustainability into account. Consider environmental aspects in every purchase and partnership.
  • Advocate for environmental responsibility with our peers and partners.
  • Communicate to raise awareness among peers and partners. Promote change by sharing tools, tips and good examples of environmental work in the contemporary art field. Stay transparent about our ecological impact and ecological work through consistent and accessible public information.

Image: Vilma Leminen

EcoCompass is an environmental management system (EMS) and a certificate based on ISO 14001 standard. EcoCompass is owned by the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation which is the oldest and largest environmental NGO in Finland.