Frame awarded grants for international projects in Finnish contemporary art

Following its round of project grant applications in March 2016, Frame Contemporary Art Finland has awarded 121,650 euros in grants for international exhibitions, publications and visits by art professionals taking place in 2016. Frame received 162 applications in total, 32 per cent of which were approved. The total sum of 121,650 euros was awarded to 52 projects. All in all, applications were received for a total sum of approximately 910,000 euros.

Grants are decided by the Board of Directors of the Frame Foundation. The shortlisted candidates are presented to the Board of Directors by the Foundation’s Grant Committee, whose members during the March round of project grants were Curator Henna Paunu, Artist Antti Tanttu and Artist Salla Tykkä. The Chair of the Board is Raija Koli, Director of Frame. Henna Paunu represents the Board of Directors in the Grant Committee.

Frame’s grants are funded through an annual state subsidy received from the Ministry of Education and Culture. The next round of project grant applications will be in November 2016. Grants for projects taking place in 2017 can be applied for in the November round of applications.

The grant recipients are listed in English on Frame’s website’s page for Awarded grants 2016.


More information:

Coordinator Maikki Lavikkala, Frame
maikki.lavikkala@frame-finland.fi, tel. 044 728 9914