Apply now: Internship at Frame funded by the Lärling grant

Are you interested in working with contemporary art and facilitating international collaborations? Frame is looking for candidates who are interested in applying for a grant from the Swedish Cultural Foundation for an internship at Frame.

Frame offers the Lärling intern an opportunity to work as a Programme Assistant at Frame. The internship is set to start in August 2023. The length of the internship can run for a maximum of one year. The position is part-time (60 % of weekly working hours).

The Swedish Cultural Foundation awards the Lärling grant (Lärlingsstipendium) to people who have completed their studies in arts, crafts, and museum subjects and who are interested in gaining work experience within the arts and cultural field under professional supervision. The Swedish Cultural Foundation awards Lärling-grants as part of their work to support and facilitate the Swedish culture of Finland. The Lärling-grant application is made in Swedish and requires basic skills in Swedish to fill in. More information on how to apply for a Lärling-grant can be found below.

Frame Contemporary Art Finland is an advocate for Finnish contemporary art. Frame supports international initiatives, facilitates professional partnerships, and encourages critical development of the field.

As a Lärling Intern your tasks will be

  • Assist Frame’s programme team in arranging international visits organised as part of the International Visitor Programme and Curatorial Research Programme.
  • Assist in the 2024 Venice Biennale exhibition production and opening week preparations.
  • Participate in production tasks related to the Islands of Kinship programme
  • Plan and carry out the annual Portfolio Meetings for graduating MA students.
  • Maintain administrative tasks and daily office matters.

In addition to these tasks, the Lärling-intern will have the opportunity to engage in work areas within Frames’ activities that personally interest them.

What Frame expects from the applicant:

  • Good skills in English: Frame’s working languages ​​are English and Finnish.
  • Communication skills: You will be in touch with people by email, phone, and in person during events and daily activities.

What Frame offers:

  • An international contemporary art work environment;
  • Diverse and meaningful tasks;
  • A supportive and collegial work community;
  • Appropriate work equipment;
  • A well-being programme that includes health care, regular recreation days, fringe benefits (culture/sports) and the use of an ICOM card.

Working hours and salary:

The internship is part-time (60%). The working hours are 23 hours and 25 minutes weekly including lunch breaks.

The Swedish Cultural Foundation’s Lärling grant is 1 250 € a month.

About Frame

Frame’s office is located in Helsinki. There is a possibility of remote working. The working languages are English and Finnish. Frame’s office is not accessible. Read more about accessibility on our website.

Frame advocates equity within the contemporary art field. We encourage applications from candidates of varied ages, genders, and linguistic, cultural, or other minorities. If you belong to any of these groups, please feel free to indicate this in your application. All information will be processed confidentially.

How to apply for the Lärling internship at Frame

Apply to the Lärling internship by sending us a one-page application where you describe why you are applying for this internship and what your strengths would be in this job. We ask you to send the application and your resume, in one PDF file, no later than Sunday, 26 March 2023 to rekry@frame-finland.fi. Write in the email subject “Lärling 2023” and name your PDF files in the form Surname_Firstname. The application to Frame can be submitted in English, Swedish or Finnish.

The interviews are held on Thursday 31 March, either in Frame’s office or online, according to the applicant’s wishes. We will send the questions and provide information about the interview in advance. The interviews are conducted by Frame’s Head of Programme Jussi Koitela and Head of Communication Rosa Kuosmanen, and are held in Finnish or English.

How to apply for the Lärling-grant at the Swedish Cultural Foundation

If you are chosen as a Lärling candidate for Frame, you will then apply for the Lärling-grant from the Swedish Cultural Foundation within their application dates 12.3.–12.4.2023. The final decision on receiving the Lärling-grant is made by The Swedish Cultural Foundation. Frame may ask more than one person to apply for the Lärling-grant.

To apply for the Lärling-grant from the Swedish Cultural Foundation, the applicants are asked to:

  • Present a written internship contract.
  • In the application form, explain and present your artistic practice and interests.
  • Give a short description of how the Lärling internship supports the Swedish language and culture in Finland.

Note that the application for the Lärling-grant can only be made in Swedish and requires basic skills in Swedish to fill in. More information on applying for the grant can be found on the foundation’s website (available only in Swedish):

This internship call is published in Swedish and English.


Contact us:

Jussi Koitela, Head of Programme
jussi.koitela@frame-finland.fi, +358 50 471 7711