Wei Ting Tseng

Musician, Visual Artist and Representative of Tenthaus collective.

Wei Ting Tseng is an Oslo-based composer, sound artist, cellist, and pianist. She is a classical trained cellist and pianist and later on expended her footprints in contemporary music and improvised music. Collaborated with musicians such as Ayumi Tanaka, Jo Berger Myre, Kjetil Jerve, ca. Since 2020, she has been actively engaging her musical experience with visual art and socially engaged art, including exhibitions Vi Sees, SeSiSå, Genetic Salon and Tistblu. The experience in visual art inspires her to explore other possibilities in notation, which liberate performers from the constraints of notation and make them active participants in the creation of music.

Currently, Tseng works as a Radio Producer and Project Coordinator for the Tenthaus Art Collective and represents them while visiting Finland.

Tseng’s visit is part of the Re-Practicing Hospitalities network funded by Nordic Culture Point.

A black and white portrait of Wei Ting Tseng.

Image: Sara Angelica Spilling.