Ulla Karttunen: ‘Blinded’ in Berlin

Ulla Karttunen: Blinded (2013)
Ulla Karttunen: Blinded (2013)

Ulla Karttunen solo show Blinded opens 14th of May at Berlin’s Galerie Pleiku. Karttunen’s show has been inspired by an art trial and examines the relation of art, justice, market economy, censorship and sight.

Ulla Karttunen’s works unite philosophy and visuality, social criticism and digital art. The artist has made installations, digital icons, conceptual projects, social interventions, performances, anti-design and artist’s books.


Ulla Karttunen: Blinded (14.-25.5. 2013)

Galeria Pleiku

Eugen-Schönhaar-Strasse 6A
10407 Berlin