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Save the date: Rehearsing Hospitalities Spring Programme

on May 21
from 3 pm to 6 pm 
at the Museum of Finnish Architecture Museum and online platforms of Frame Finland and #StopHatredNow

Redistributions brings together a performative intervention by artist Karolina Kucia and a roundtable discussion with researcher Alemanji Aminkeng Atabong, and artist Noah Fischer, among others.

Organised by Frame Contemporary Art Finland in collaboration with the anti-racist platform #StopHatredNow and the Museum of Finnish Architecture, the event presents different approaches to redistribution of power and wealth while examining institutional and educational infra-architectures. A range of perspectives, emerging from democratic spatial practices to public institutions including schools and museums, are centred in the discussion.

The programme consists of Kucia’s performance, a parasitic guided tour through the Museum of Finnish Architecture’s institutional space. The roundtable discussion presents participants’ experiences from educational, artistic and spatial practices that challenge normalized structures in managing and distributing power and wealth. 

More details, timetable and booking information will be published at the beginning of  May 2022. 

Redistributions is part of Frame’s public programme Rehearsing Hospitalities. In 2022, the programme focuses on practices that deal with the redistribution of power, wealth, and resources within the art field and society at large. 

The event is also part of the Museum of Finnish Architecture’s festival Long Live Wivi Lönn! where attendees will gather together around work by Wivi Lönn (1872–1966) to collectively reflect on the relationship between architecture and gender, as well as on issues related to equality and non-discrimination in the fields of architecture and culture. 

The event also forms one part of #StopHatredNow programme in 2022, taking place on 16 and 21 May.  #StopHatredNow is an intercultural and anti-racist platform organised and initiated by UrbanApa arts community in collaboration with several intercultural and art organisations. This year’s #StopHatredNow strives to find ways of coming together and actively practice coexistence.

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