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Access Riders (PDF for reading on a screen)

Access Riders
Digital PDF designed for reading on a screen.
Jessie Bullivant and Jemina Lindholm
Published by Frame Contemporary Art Finland

An access rider is written by an individual, and can be shared when one is invited to take part in a project or any working relationship. It can work as a starting point for a conversation between the inviter and invitee about the accessibility of a certain situation.—Bullivant and Lindholm

Access Riders is a collaborative project by artists Jessie Bullivant and Jemina Lindholm presented as a publication. Access Riders is printed as a limited edition of 100 copies and is available online in two PDF formats: one is designed for printing at home and the other for reading on a screen (including the use of screen readers).

Responding to their own invitation to contribute to Frame’s 2020-21 Rehearsing Hospitalities programme, Bullivant and Lindholm wanted to work with questions regarding responsibilities, resources and tools when initiating conversations about access needs.
Working within the framework of an access rider (a document outlining personal access needs and requirements) they invited eight other contributors in Frame’s 2020-21 Rehearsing Hospitalities programme to write their own access riders. The access riders compiled in the publication vary in style, length and language, and reflect a range of needs, wants, limits and boundaries.

The Access Riders publication is both a tool and an invitation, to institutions and individuals alike, to consider initiating safer ways to open up dialogue regarding our various needs, limits, boundaries and wishes when entering into working relationships.

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