Myriam Amroun

Curatorial Program for Research participant: (Re) Presentation in the Nordics

Myriam Amroun (Algeria) is an independent curator and cultural practitioner. She is the co-founder and former artistic director of rhizome. Capitalizing on more than ten years of experience, she worked for several years on issues related to the arts as a vector for reactivating and reclaiming public spaces in Algiers, and creating interstitial spaces for social and cultural gatherings of communities, for which she received the Prince Claus Seed Award in 2021.

She worked on two extensive field researches carried out between 2012 and 2017, in the framework of the Trans-Cultural Dialogues Platform, that shaped both DJART (2014) and EL MEDREB (2016) projects, developed and imagined as city-scale experimental labs. Amroun worked on various other projects such as DURAR program and the UNESCO World Heritage Education Program in China, along with diverse consultancy assignments as a cultural advisor.

In 2017, the urge and need to create a sustainable organization with the perspective of achieving a substantial work on the arts and cultural sectors in Algeria and the region, resulted in the founding of rhizome that operates as both a commercial gallery and an independent art organization. Combining both her institutional and independent work, Amroun’s practice lies at the intersection of arts, culture, humanities and politics.

CPR 2023: RPN brings up to 8 international curators to Finland, Norway, and Sweden from August 20th – September 8th, 2023 to research the regional art scene with the ambition to get a better understanding of the complex history and current political situation in the Nordics. Following the program, the participating curators are invited to propose an exhibition with artists and issues they have come across during the program.

A black and white photo of a person with light skin and half-long dark curly hair wearing a scarf.

Myriam Amroun