Meet the Curator: ​​Blanca Victoria López Rodriguez


Cuban curator and researcher Blanca Victoria López Rodriguez will talk about her curatorial work in Havana Biennial and Wilfredo Lam Contemporary Art Centre on Monday, 9 May at 3–4.30 pm at Frame’s office (Ratakatu 1 b A 9, 6th floor). The language of the talk is English. Welcome!

Since 2010, López has worked​ as curator and researcher at the Wilfredo Lam Contemporary Art Centre. In 2011 she joined the curatorial board of Havana Biennial. She has graduated from the Havana University. López’s research and curatorial practise aim to promote contemporary art practises that take place in peripheral areas, far from major international art centres. In her practise, she explores “quiet zones” that are largely ignored by international mainstream. She is interested in issues such as identity, migration, interdisciplinar proposals, pedagogical practises in art as well as cultural mediation.