Mechu Rapela

Curator and member of Tenthaus collective

Mechu Rapela is a member of Tenthaus collective. In organisational terms Mechu is the managing director. In the collectives terms, the driver. Mechu’s role at Tenthaus collective is to keep everyone to the destination they need to get, knowing when to push forward, step aside or stop to recalibrate the route.

Mechu is an external curator at KORO and a member of Decolonial arts education research and practice research group at the Department of Teacher Education at NTNU. 

Mechu was born and raised in Cordoba, Argentina. She received her education at UiO, where she graduated with a MA in Art History.

Portrait in black and white of Mechu Rapela. Mechu has dark shoulder length hair and a sweater on. Mechu is standing with her hands crossed in front of a wall.

Mechu Rapela