Leif Magne Tangen

Curator and Director of Tromsø Kunstforening

Leif Magne Tangen 

… is born 1978 in Reine in Lofoten, currently lives and works in Tromsø/Romsa

… is a curator, producer, and writer specialised in Artists’ Moving Image

… has co-established initiatives such as; screening series and minifestival Reihe Experimentalfilm/Avantgard ist Keine Strömung (2006), kunstverein D21 Kunstraum Leipzig (2006), film production company vitakuben (2011)

… has held positions such as; artistic director of D21, Leipzig (2006-07), European director of PIEROGI, Leipzig (2007-08), director of Fotogalleriet, Oslo (2009–10), co-director of independent video rental and archive  Filmgalerie Alpha60 (2010–15)

… co-wrote the science fiction novel PHILIP with Mark Aerial Waller, Cosmin Costinas, Rosemary Heather, Francis McKee, David Reinfurt, Steve Rushton, Heman Chong (2007)… Since May 2014 Tangen holds the position of Intendant at Tromsø Kunstforening

Leif Magne Tangen, a white-skinned person with short hair and moustache is looking up and smiling. The image is black and white and the backdrop of the image is displaying a room, a book shelf and an open door. Framed from the shoulders up, Leif is wearing a t-shirt, round glasses and a cap.

Leif Magne Tangen. Portrait by Juan-Pedro Fabra Guemberena, 2019