Jani Ruscica’s film in Newcastle

CIRCA Projects presents Jani Ruscica’s (b. 1978) film Scene Shifts, in Six Movements, which is also the artist’s first solo presentation in the UK outside of London. The work is part of the project Space Release that looks at the relationships between site, moving image and time based artworks.

A recurring theme within the work Scene Shifts, in Six Movements (2011) is the perspective of visitors in unfamiliar places. Through a number of seemingly disparate vignettes, containing a complex map of images, sound, text and spoken word, Ruscica plays with understanding of place, time and history to create an expansive story across centuries and continents.

Founded in 2009, CIRCA Projects is a non-profit organisation with a curatorial position. Its work is mainly based in the presentation and production of new art works and projects.

To coincide with the exhibition at CIRCA Projects a sceening of film works (20052013) by Jani Ruscica runs at Hilary Crisp Gallery, London.

Jani Ruscica: Scene Shifts, in Six Movements. CIRCA Projects 6–29 June 2013. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

CIRCA Projects

Photo: Jani Ruscica: Scene Shifts, in Six Movements, 2011. Still.