Jan-Erik Andersson’s Life on a Leaf in Venice


Jan-Erik Andersson’s video installation Life on a Leaf is exhibited at the exhibition Personal Structures at Palazzo Bembo in Venice from June 1st. Life on a Leaf tells the story of Andersson’s leaf-shaped house and Gesamtkunstwerk. The house was designed in collaboration with architect Erkki Pitkäranta.

A publication about the house was recently translated to English and is readable on iPads in the exhibition. The book contemplates the role of art and ornaments in an architectonic creation and the forming of an “iconic space”.

The exhibition Personal Structures constitutes a part of the programme of the Venice Biennale.

Personal Structures, June 1st -November 24th 2013 at Palazzo Bembo, Venice

Jan-Erik Andersson: Life on a Leaf

Personal Structures