Iben Bach Elmstrøm

Curator at the Den Frie Centre for Contemporary Art

Iben Bach Elmstrøm is a curator at the Den Frie Centre for Contemporary Art.  She has previously curated the exhibition The Object is To Change The Soul at Heartland Festival in 2018, Ars Memoria with artist Helene Nymann in Rundetaarn 2017, as well as she been the director at SixtyEight Art Institute from 2011 to 2018.

Most recently, she has worked for CHART design – a commercial platform for art and design and is the curator behind The Aesthetic Ear – a sound-based and performative project at Rønnebæksholm art gallery. Currently she is working on preparing a solo exhibition with Danish artists Oda Knudsen.

Elmstrøm’s Visit is part of the Re-Practicing Hospitalities network funded by Nordic Culture Point.