Frame Staff will join the global climate strike

On Friday 13 March, Frame Finland staff members join the Fridays for Future movement and strike for the climate.

We strike together with our contemporary art colleague organisations HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme, IHME Helsinki and Mustarinda and support the youth on the day of the global climate strike. We demand action and that the transition to a fossil-free society will be realised fairly.

We need support to change the structure in the art field to more climate conscious direction. The Finnish State Travel Regulations, the energy production processes, general ways of thinking and expectations – these affect all of our operations.

One year ago, in March, 1,5 million young people around the world gathered to the global climate strike and now they are asking adults to join participate. Together we can find ways to preserve what is important for us. 

We support the freedom of art and the encounters between people – life in the frame of social sustainability.

On the day of the global climate strike on 13 March, we refuse to work and close our office doors and emails.


#climatestrike #globalclimatestrike #fridaysforfuture 


Global climate strike in Helsinki in September 2019. Picture: Jani Sipilä © Greenpeace Finland