Frame awarded the first travel grants

In June 2015, the grants commission of Frame awarded travel grants altogether for 6 320 euros for nine applicants. The grants commission made their decisions on 22 June among the ​applications that were submitted to Frame in the period of 22 May to 14 June.

Each applicant has been informed about the decision, and an applicant can also see the decision about his application by logging into Frame’s electronical grant system.

The grants commission will make the next round of decisions in August. Applications aimed to that decision round should be submitted by 16 August. Click here for more information about how to apply.

Travel grants are awarded for exhibitions held abroad that involve artists, artist groups or visual art professionals, such as curators, who are Finnish or based in Finland. Grants are awarded only for personal travel or accommodation costs or for transportation expenses.

Photograph: Pink Twins, Parametronomicon (2015). Chapel of House of St. Barnabas (London).