Assessment and decisions

Grant decisions are based on peer review assessments. Frame has a Grant Committee whose members are appointed by the Board of Directors for a term of 2 years. The Director of Frame chairs the Grant Committee, but does not take part in the assessment. The Grant Committee may request a statement on an application from an outside expert if needed.


The identity of the members of the Grant Committee is public information. Members of the Grant Committee are:

  • 2018–2019: Artist Henna-Riikka Halonen, Artist Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen, Curator Piia Oksanen, and curator Elina Suoyrjö (expert visits). The Grant Committee is chaired by Raija Koli, Frame’s Director.


The following criteria are indicative only: not all conditions must be met. Other viewpoints, such as regional and linguistic factors, are also taken into account. Attention is also paid to gender equality.

  1. Quality of artistic work
  • Is the applicant a convincing artist in his/her field?
  • Is the applicant (or member of the project) a professional or is the work professional?
  1. Quality of the project
  • Are the aims of the project well-defined?
  • Does the project foster international connections for those involved?
  • Does the project enhance the skills and competence of those involved?
  1. Scope and impact of the project
  • Does the project have international significance?
  • Are there partners involved?
  • Does the project also create added value for others than those involved?
  1. Project budget and organisation
  • Are the project and its budget realistic and is the applicant capable of making it happen?
  • Is the grant necessary for the project?
  • Does the application indicate other sources of funding for the project and are those sources realistic?

Decision process

Project grants

  • After the application deadline, the applications are processed at Frame and assessed by the Grant Committee.
  • The Grant Committee submits a proposal to the Board of Directors on the distribution of the grant money.
  • The Board of Directors of the Frame Foundation makes the final decisions on grants within approximately 8 weeks of the application deadline.

Travel grants

  • Applications are processed at Frame, and an alternating member of the Grant Committee assesses them every other month.
  • The assessor submits a proposal to the Board of Directors on the distribution of the grant money.
  • The decisions on awarded travel grants are announced approximately three weeks after the deadline.


  • We do not provide reasons for individual grant decisions.
  • The Coordinator of grants or Director of Frame first checks whether each application meets the general application terms for state subsidies and the Frame’s grant regulations.
  • Grant decisions are based on the criteria referred to in the assessment section (quality of artistic activities and the quality, impact and feasibility of the project). Attention is also paid to the international significance of the project and the applicant’s ability to make it happen. The budget and other funding are taken into account to assess whether the project’s finances are realistic.
  • The overall assessment is also influenced by the other applications submitted in the same round. Applications are assessed against one another.

The decision-making is also influenced by the total sum of the state subsidy that the Ministry of Education and Culture gives Frame for the purpose of awarding grants.

Privacy protection

Applications submitted to Frame are processed confidentially. The persons who process and assess applications do not disclose any information about the applications or applicants to outsiders.

When sending a grant application to Frame, applicants disclose information about themselves to the foundation, which forms a register file that contains personal data at the foundation. The right of a register controller to collect, store, use and otherwise process personal data is regulated in legislation. The general provisions are specified in the Personal Data Act.

Everyone has the right to review personal data about themselves. Under the Personal Data Act, regardless of confidentiality regulations, everyone has the right of access to data on him/herself contained in a personal data file or to notice that the file contains no such data. The register controller must, at the same time, provide the data subject with information on the regular sources of data in the file, on the uses of the data in the file and the regular destinations of disclosed data.

The right of access may be rejected in certain circumstances provided for in the Personal Data Act, and does not apply at all regarding data collected solely for purposes such as scientific research or statistics.

Any request to access a personal data file must be submitted to Frame in writing or in person at the foundation’s office. For more information on rights of access, kindly consult the Personal Data Act, Sections 26–28.

The data must be provided without unreasonable delay, in a comprehensible format and upon request in writing. The right of access is free of charge once a year.

Description of the register file of the Frame Foundation


Image: Photographic Centre Peri participated in the Supermarket Art Fair in Stockholm in 2015. Frame supported their participation with a project grant.