Ama Josephine Budge

Research Fellow

Ama Josephine Budge (she / her / hers) is a speculative writer, artist, curator and pleasure activist whose work navigates intimate explorations of race, art, ecology and feminism, working to activate movements that catalyze human rights, environmental evolutions and troublesomely queered identities. She is a PhD candidate in Psychosocial Studies with Dr Gail Lewis at Birkbeck, University of London.

Her research takes a queer, decolonial approach to challenging climate colonialism with a particular focus on inherently environmentalist Pleasure practices in Ghana and across the Black Diaspora.

Ama is a curatorial fellow for 2021–2023 and will visit Finland this October. Budge’s research Pleasurable Ecologies – Formations of Care: Curation as Future-building is an in-depth exploration of decolonial and intersectional curatorial care practices.The research acknowledges the entire ecosystem of socio-historical politics involved in curating contemporary art and cultural production. The Fellowship is a collaboration between Frame and EVA International.

Frame will host a public event on Friday, 20 October at 5 pm at Frame office where Budge will discuss the research together with Punos (Anna-Kaisa Koski and Ki Nurmenniemi).

The language of the event is English.

A person with a brown skin and dark curly hair wearing black glasses and a red shirt.

Frame Curatorial Research Fellowship Fellow Ama Josephine Budge.