Alice Hinrichs

Curator Gallery Watson, Hamburg

Alice Hinrichs (based in Hamburg, Germany) is a curator, cultural manager, communications expert and since 2023, co-founder and managing director of Galerie Watson in Hamburg.

The focus of her curatorial work is on site-specific light and installation art, where she constantly renegotiates and expands the genre boundaries in close collaborations with artists. She is interested in the transformation of existing art practice into new spaces; like a medium between the artist, the work and its presentation. Her interdisciplinary degrees from King’s College London (BSc in Business Management) and SDA Bocconi in Milan (Master in Arts Management) lay the foundation for her networked and transdisciplinary thinking and work.

She co-curated the EVI LICHTUNGEN light art biennial in Hildesheim in 2020 and 2022 and is Chairwoman of the T.W. Foundation in Hamburg. In 2019, she founded the non-profit light art platform L.U.C.E. (then: Arte Luce) with the aim to increase visibility for artists with the medium light.

Throughout her career, Hinrichs has already worked with internationally renowned artists such as Anthony McCall, Regine Schumann, Keith Sonnier and Fabricio Plessi. 

A person with light skin and fair hair, wearing a white shirt with white blazer.

Alice Hinrichs. Photo Ralf Gellert