Alessandra Bergamaschi & Rudá Babau

Visiting Artist & Curator duo – Videobrasil

Alessandra Bergamaschi, Ph.D., is an artist and researcher based in São Paulo. Her research in the field of Social History of Culture delves into media archaelogy and the material-virtual continuum through different case studies.

In 2023-2024, she co-curated ‘The Archive in Performance’, a research project focused on the Videobrasil historical video archive. Commemorating Videobrasil’s 40 Years, the exhibition aimed to create a rizomatic space for activating the association’s collection of video works from the Global South.

Her previous projects include three editions of OLHO (2015-2019), a program designed for movie theaters that showcased video works challenging cinematic language. Her videos have been displayed at the Hélio Oiticica Cultural Center in Rio de Janeiro, Skånes Konstförening in Sweden, Doclisboa, the ‘É Tudo Verdade’ Documentary Festival, Cine Iberê at the Iberê Camargo Foundation in Porto Alegre, and the CICV International Festival of Urban Multimedia Arts in France.

Her essays on contemporary art and visual culture have been featured in periodicals including Ars (São Paulo), Revista Rosa, Aniki: Portuguese Journal of the Moving Image, and Concinnitas. 

Rudá Babau is a Brazilian artist based in São Paulo, blending video production with digital exhibition platforms. His work explores the ephemeral nature of digital mediums, using everything from websites to video games and PDFs to challenge traditional art exhibition norms. Babau has curated exhibitions at the Index Gallery in Brasília and for Homeostase, a Brazilian digital art platform. His film “Gaia,” which delves into digitality and artificial intelligence, is featured in the permanent collection of the Sesi Lab Museum in Brasília. 

On the left is a light skinned person with dark short hair wairing glasses and on the right side a person with long dark hair and a moustache wearing glasses.

Alessandra Bergamaschi & Rudá Babau Image credit: Sara de Santis