Alen Ksoll

Independent curator

Alen Ksoll is a Stockholm-based curator, educator, and researcher working with transformative pedagogies, speculative fiction, queer futures, and political ecologies. In developing public programs and holding spaces for knowledge exchange, he proposes workshops, exercises, and games experimenting with models of being together otherwise. 

Alen is a co-founder of School in Common, a self-organised school and a trans-local network of practitioners working with the commons. As part of the Demand the Impossible collective and research group, he works with the role of art and imagination in stating radical demands and elaborating tools for social and political organising. 

He is currently a guest lecturer at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, for the post-master course Collective Practices II: Symbiotic Organisations

Alen Ksoll, a white-skinned person with short dark hair is standing in front of a white backdrop. Alen is looking directly towards the camera. The image is framed from the shoulders up.

Alen Ksoll