Frame works to support the networking of Finnish contemporary art professionals and artists, increase the international visibility of Finnish art, and open up opportunities for Finnish artists to work outside Finland.

International visitor programme

We invite international curators and contemporary art professionals for study visits to Finland.

Residency programmes

We host curatorial residencies in Helsinki and collaborate with partners in organising residencies for Finnish artists abroad.

Talks and events

Our conversations encourage critical discussion about current topics in the contemporary art field.


Our publications cover topical issues in the contemporary art field as well as Finnish exhibitions at the Venice Biennale.

Focus countries: Japan and South Korea

We have an ongoing project to increase contacts between contemporary art organisations in Finland, Japan and South Korea.

Special projects

We coordinate international projects that open up networks and work opportunities for Finnish artists and art professionals.

Frame in figures 10 talks in 2015
Frame in figures 58 experts visiting Finland in 2015
Frame in figures 60 partners in 2015
Frame in figures 440 participants in talks in 2015