Frame Visual Art Finland grants: the March application round

The Frame Visual Art Finland grant applications for projects promoting international export and cooperation in visual art opened on Monday 10 March. Grants are awarded for international projects in different fields of visual art: applied art, comics art, fine art, media art, performance art, photography and sound art.

Grant applications are submitted by filling in an electronic application form at http://frame.apurahat.net. The deadline for applications is Monday 31 March at 24:00 EET.

The March applicatiapurahaton round is for projects that will be realised in 2014

The March application round is aimed at projects that will be realised from March to December 2014. Frame informs the applicants of the decisions on grants awarded personally and also publishes the information on the Frame website ca. 6–8 weeks from the end of the application period. Frame’s grant procedure is based on the annual state subsidies received by the foundation from the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

The mission of the Frame Foundation, established in 2012, is to strengthen the position of Finnish visual art by promoting international cooperation and increasing interaction between Finnish and international institutions and professionals in the field of visual art.

Grants are awarded to

• Exhibitions held abroad and involving artists, artist groups or visual art professionals who are Finnish or based in Finland.

• Foreign-language publications promoting a Finnish artist’s work or Finnish art.

• The organisation of visits by visual art experts in Finland and abroad.

Frame’s grants can be applied by private persons, such as Finnish visual artists and artists based in Finland, as well as Finnish and international curators and producers. 
Working groups, as well as Finnish and foreign organisations and associations, such as art museums, galleries and cultural institutes, can also apply.

Read more about grants from our website: Grants