Frame awards €170,000 in grants for the internationalisation of visual art

In the year’s first round of grant applications, Frame Visual Art Finland granted close to €170,000 for international exhibitions, publications and travel for experts and to seminars.

There were a total of 241 applications in the round that ended in April. A total of €169,200 was awarded in grants to 78 applications. All in all, applications were made for approximately €1.2 million in grants.

“Our goal is to make diverse choices. Grants were awarded to artists and workgroups all over Finland for very different types of projects. The projects will be implemented extensively in different areas of the world. All projects that received a grant share a high artistic level,” says the Chair of the Grant Committee Raija Koli, Director of Frame.

The grant decisions are made by the Board of Directors of the Frame Foundation; the Chair of the Board is Professor Jan Kaila, artist. The grant decisions are presented to the Board of Directors by the Foundation’s Grant Committee, whose members are Director of Frame Raija Koli, Curator Mikko Oranen, Professor, artist Tarja Pitkänen-Walter, artist Jorma Puranen, Chief Curator Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger and Curator Tomas Träskman.

Frame’s grant procedure is based on the annual state subsidies received by the foundation from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The grant recipients are listed in English on Frame’s website’s page for Awarded grants.

The second application period of the year starts on Monday 12 August. The grant applications are sent via the Frame Foundation grant system by submitting an electronic application.  This year, the Frame Foundation will award a total of €400,000 in grants. Grants are awarded to projects that promote the internationalisation of Finnish visual art.