Miracle Workers Collective: Iterations

Running additionally to the Venice exhibition, the performative, discursive, filmic and sonic arm of the MWC is manifested through a series of public events taking place in Berlin, Venice, Karasjokk and Helsinki during 2019.


Miracle Workers Collective present A Greater Miracle of Perception: The Berlin Iteration

Wednesday, 3 April 2019
Programme 17.00–21.00
Stiftung Brandenburger Tor, Max Liebermann Haus, Pariser Platz 7, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Please RSVP by 27 March to: veranstaltungen@stiftungbrandenburgertor.de


A Greater Miracle of Perception: The Berlin Iteration is the first in the series of public events developed by the Miracle Workers Collective for the Finnish Pavilion at the 58th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia.

The Miracle Workers Collective (MWC) is formed and informed by a transdisciplinary and transnational community of artists, filmmakers, writers, intellectuals, performers, and activists sharing and developing an ecology of practices including writer Maryan Abdulkarim; scriptwriter and director Khadar Ahmed; writer and filmmaker Hassan Blasim; choreographer and artistic director Sonya Lindfors; artist Outi Pieski; artist Leena Pukki; artist Martta Tuomaala; artist and curator Lorenzo Sandoval; cinematographer Christopher L. Thomas and filmmaker and storyteller Suvi West, as well as curators Giovanna Esposito Yussif, Christopher Wessels and Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung.

The MWC’s proposition underlines a critical engagement with collectivity and practices that articulate the notion of the miracle as a poetic vehicle from which to expand what can be perceived, experienced, done, and imagined. Drawing upon nigerian playwright and poet Esiaba Irobi’s reflections of the miracle as “a trope of spiritual and political resistance” and as “an act of community”, the collective’s approach connotes a disciplinary disobedience that emphasises the constant questioning of perception as a political act.




Welcome by Sebastian Pflum, Head of the Office of Stiftung Brandenburger Tor Foundation



A dissonant and disconnected conversation in three voices: curators of the Finnish Pavilion at the 58th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia Giovanna Esposito Yussif, Christopher Wessels and Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung.



Yövaras (The Night Thief), film screening by Khadar Ahmed

Khadar Ahmed is a Finnish-Somali script writer and director. He was born in Mogadishu, Somalia in 1981 and came to Finland with his family at the age of sixteen. Ahmed, a self-taught filmmaker, won the short film screenwriting competition in 2007 with his script Citizens. His latest short film The Night Thief was selected by Aguilar de Campoo film festival in Spain (2017) and the Gothenburg film festival (2018).



Patterns to break, reading by Lorenzo Sandoval

Lorenzo Sandoval works as an artist and curator. Since 2015, he has run The Institute for Endotic Research, which opened as a venue in 2018, together with Benjamin Busch. His recent research deals with the connections between image production, textile making and computation.



Reading and conversation with Hassan Blasim and Maryan Abdulkarim

Hassan Blasim is an Iraqi-born author, who has lived in Finland since 2004. Writing in Arabic, Blasim has been PEN-awarded three times. He was described by The Guardian as “perhaps the greatest writer of Arabic fiction alive.” Reading from his recently published book, Allah 99, he will be in conversation with Maryan Abdulkarim, a Helsinki-based writer and social commentator. 





19:00 –19:20

Marks After Examination, lecture performance by Suvi West

Suvi West has worked as a director, script writer and storyteller for different art and media platforms. West has directed several documentary films, amongst others, that have been screened internationally in Film Festivals and broadcast in national TV channels in Scandinavia. For this lecture West presents interview material from her work-in-progress documentary films which focus on the themes of colonialism and decoloniality among the Sámi people. In this presentation, West addresses lasting effects of a long history of an indigenous people being studied by outsiders.



Máttaráhku ládjogahpir – Foremother’s Horn Hat, presentation by Outi Pieski and Eeva-Kristiina Harlin

This presentation focuses on the project Foremother’s Horn Hat,developed by the artist Outi Pieski together with archeologist Eeva-Kristiina Harlin. Investigating the ládjogahpir, a horn hat worn by Sámi women until the end of 19th century, the project aims to revive this lost tradition and re-contextualize its significance today. Foremother’s Horn Hatalso makes a claim for the need of rematriation within the realm of cultural belongings. The horn hats on display are part of the collection of Museum Europäischer Kulturen – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin.

Invited guest: Sara Marielle Gaup Beaska



On Slime Mould And Decision Making, presentation by Leena Pukki

Leena Pukki is a visual artist interested in cultural hegemonies, therelationship between humans and other species, history, utopias, feelings and power relations. She often works in public spacesand within different artist groups or communities, also combining art withactivism. She is afounding member of theRoute Couture artist group.



FinnCycling-Soumi-Perkele! Vol. 2, filmscreening by Martta Tuomaala

Martta Tuomaala is a multidisciplinary artist based in Helsinki. Her work focuses on various forms of film, video and installation and involves elements of socially engaged art and militant research. FinnCycling-Soumi-Perkele!Vol. 2 (installation 2017/ film 2018) is part of a broader You-Can-Do-It! project that explores work-related topics, austerity politics, and the role of women in Finnish society.



Music by DJ Ngu Mangaliso


The event is organised in collaboration with Stiftung Brandenburger Tor, The Finnish Institute in Germany and Frame Contemporary Art Finland, with the kind support of Museum Europäischer Kulturen – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin and Goethe-Institut Finnland.

The exhibition A Greater Miracle of Perception at the Finnish Alvar Aalto Pavilion at the 58th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia (11 May – 24 November 2019) is commissioned and produced by Frame Contemporary Art Finland.

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Image: Khadar Ahmed: Still form a film The Night Thief, 2017.