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Talks form a core part of Frame’s work in Finland. Our talks programme offers a platform for discussions on international trends in contemporary art and current practices in Finland.

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The talks programme has three threads;

Frame Espresso is a forum for critical discussions on current trends, topics and challenges within contemporary art. Frame Espresso is a wandering event that pops up at changing venues. It is organised in collaboration with various art organisations.

Curating in Context – A lecture series allowing insight into the diverse curatorial practices of international guests hosted by Frame, reflecting on the latest developments, initiatives, and organisational models within various contexts of contemporary art.

Meet the Curator – A series of informal discussion events focussing on the current projects and research of curators taking part in the curatorial residencies and the international visitor programme organised by Frame.

In 2016 Frame hosted its first annual one-day forum for the Finnish contemporary art sector. The focus of the Art (Net)Works event was on the international aspects of the Finnish contemporary art ecosystem.

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 In February 2016 Frame Espresso was organised at the Sinne Gallery. The topic of the talk was the recently published book Art and Politics (eds. Terike Haapoja, Minna Henriksson and Jussi Koitela). Photo: Rosa Kuosmanen.