Folk High Schools Art Education Taidekoulut

In the Finnish educational system, the role of the folk high schools is to provide adult education. There are 87 folk high school campuses in Finland. Folk high schools typically have ideological and pedagogical freedom, with courses concentrating on social sciences, arts subjects and languages.

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Hyvinkää School of Arts Art Education Taidekoulut

Founded in the 1960s, the Hyvinkää School of Arts offers a two-year study programme in Fine Arts.

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Liminka School of Arts Art Education Taidekoulut

The Liminka School of Arts was founded in 1892 as a private boarding school. The school’s one-year curriculum specializes in teaching students the fundamentals of sculpture, etching, drawing, painting, art history, comics and photography.

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Pekka Halonen Academy Art Education Taidekoulut

The Pekka Halonen Academy in Tuusula specializes in education in visual arts.

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Pori School of Arts Art Education Taidekoulut

The Pori School of Arts offers visual arts education to children, young people and adults.

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The Nordic Art School Art Education Taidekoulut

The Nordic Art School has a history of over 30 years of providing high-standard art education. The school offers a two-year study programme in the Fine Arts. The teachers are professional visual artists not only from the Nordic countries, but from several other European countries as well. The tuition is in English.

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