Association of Finnish Printmakers Artist Organisations Taiteilijajärjestöt

The Association of Finnish Printmakers is a national association of artists who specialize in graphic methods of artistic expression. The Association of Finnish Printmakers was founded in 1931, originally to improve the status and appreciation of graphic artists and to increase opportunities for exhibiting their work both in Finland and abroad.

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Association of Finnish Sculptors Artist Organisations Taiteilijajärjestöt

The Association of Finnish Sculptors is a national union of professional sculptors founded in 1910. Its aim is to promote Finnish sculpture, safeguard the professional, economic and social interests of sculptors, promote their international co-operation, and stimulate public interest in sculpture. All sculptors with a proven record of professional activity can be accepted as members. Virtually every professional sculptor is a member.

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Association of Finnish Watercolour Art Artist Organisations Taiteilijajärjestöt

The Association of Finnish Watercolour Art was founded in 1998. It has almost 700 members.

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AV-arkki Artist Organisations

AV-arkki, aka. the Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art, is a non-profit artists’ association. It was founded in 1989 and currently has approximately 210 Finnish artists as its members. Its main purpose is to promote the distribution of Finnish media art atfestivals, events, museums and galleries within Finland and internationally.

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Finnish Bioart Society Artist Organisations

The Finnish Bioart Society, established May 2008 in Kilpisjärvi, is an organisation supporting, producing and creating activities around art and natural sciences, especially biology.

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Finnish Painters’ Union Artist Organisations

Founded in 1929, the Finnish Painters’ Union is a nation-wide organization of professional painters. It promotes visual arts and the professional and social interests of artists, providing its members with various services, such as guidance in matters related to taxation and benefits. Members regularly receive newsletters covering topical issues. The Union also serves as an expert body for authorities.

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Galleries of Artist Associations Artist Organisations Galleriat Galleries Taiteilijajärjestöt

Black Wall Gallery / Vaasa Artist Association

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Galleria 5 / Oulu Artist Association

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Galleria Å / Turku Artist Association

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Galleria Becker / Jyväskylä Artis Association

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Galleria Kohina / Joensuu Artist Association

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Galleria K / Vantaa Artist Association

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Galleria Kone / Ars Häme ry

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Galleria Rajatila / Rajataide ry

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Galleria Rantakasarmi / Helsinki Artist Association

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Galleria Tärinä / Riihimäki Artist Association

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Kouta Gallery / Kouvola Artist Association

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Gallery Ars Nova

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Promenadigalleria / Hyvinkää Artist Association

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Punnosen talo / Keuruu Artist Association

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Uusi Kipinä / Lahti Artist Association

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P-galleria / Pori Artist Association

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Gallery Joella / Turku Printmakers Association

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Galleria 3H+K / NYTE ry

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Akvart Galleria

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Gallery Napa / Rovaniemi Artist Association

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Mältinranta Art Centre /  Tampere Artists’ Association

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Taidetalo / Järvenpään taideseura ry

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Galleria Aarni / Espoon kuvataiteilijat

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Galleria Aapeli / Suomen taiteilijat ry.

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Mustarinda Association Artist Organisations Taiteilijajärjestöt

The Mustarinda Association is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that was established in 2009 by a group of Helsinki artists. The association endeavours to preserve the diversity of nature and culture by bringing together artists, scientists and people from various public and private organizations for discussions, seminars, exhibitions, residencies, and happenings.

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Muu ry. Artist Organisations Taiteilijajärjestöt

MUU is an artist-run interdisciplinary artist association founded in 1987 to represent and promote new and experimental forms of art. These include media art, performance, video, environmental, space and conceptual art, sound and other experimental modes of cultural production.

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NYTE ry. Artist Organisations Taiteilijajärjestöt

NYTE ry is an artist association founded in 1987 in Pori. NYTE represents and promotes performance, music and other contemporary and experimental forms of art.

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Rajataide ry. Artist Organisations

Rajataide Association was formed to serve art and artists in 1996. The association’s members consist of artists and young professionals and students from other fields of culture.

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Regional Artist Associations Artist Organisations Taiteilijajärjestöt

Ars Häme ry. Visit page

Ars Nova ry. Visit page

Espoon kuvataiteilijat ry. Visit page

Etelä-Karjalan taideseura ry. Visit page

Haminan taideseura Visit page

Hangon kuvataiteilijat ry. Visit page

Helsingin taiteilijaseura ry. Visit page

Hyvinkään taiteilijaseura ry. Visit page

Hämeenlinnan taiteilijaseura ry. Visit page

Iisalmenseudun kuvataideseura ry. Visit page

Joensuun taiteilijaseura ry. Visit page

Järvenpään taideseura ry. Visit page

Kajaanin kuvataiteilijat ry. Visit page

Karkkilan taiteilijaseura ry. Visit page

Kemin kuvataiteilijat ry. Visit page

Keuruun taiteilijaseura ry. Visit page

Taiteilijaseura Koillinen ry. Visit page

Kouvolan taiteilijaseura Kouta ry. Visit page

Kuhankosken Kilta ry. Visit page

Kuopion kuvataiteilijat ry Ars Libera. Visit page

Lahden taiteilijaseura ry. Visit page

Lapin taiteilijaseura ry. Visit page

Loimaan taideseura ry. Visit page

Länsi-Uudenmaan taiteilijaseura ry. Visit page

Mikkelin taiteilijaseura ry. Visit page

Nokian kuvataiteilijat ry. Visit page

Oulun taiteilijaseura -63 ry. Visit page

Pieksämäen kuvataideseura ry. Visit page

Pirkka-Hämeen kuvataiteilijat ry. Visit page

Pirkkalan taideyhdistys ry. Visit page

Pohjalainen taiteilijaliitto ry. Visit page

Porin taidegraafikot ry. Visit page

Porin taiteilijaseura ry. Visit page

Porvoon taiteilijaseura ry. Visit page

Rauman taidegraafikot ry. Visit page

Rauman taiteilijaseura ry. Visit page

Riihimäen kuvataiteilijat ry. Visit page

Salon taiteilijaseura ry. Visit page

Seinäjoen taiteilijaseura ry. Visit page

Suomenselän taiteilijaseura ry. Visit page

Tampereen taiteilijaseura ry. Visit page

Turun taidegraafikot ry. Visit page

Turun taiteilijaseura ry. Visit page

Vaasan taiteilijaseura ry. Visit page

Valkeakosken kuvataiteilijat ry. Visit page

Vantaan taiteilijaseura ry. Visit page

Viipurin taiteilijaseura ry. Visit page

Ålands Konstförening rf / Ålandska Konstnärer rf. Visit page


The Arts Council of South Savo Artist Organisations Taiteilijajärjestöt

The Arts Council of South Savo is the expert body of the Arts Promotion Centre Finland responsible for the region of South Savo. The arts council makes decisions regarding grants and awards for artists, artist groups and organizations within its area of responsibility on the basis of peer reviews. In addition, it provides expert advice and participates in the strategy work of the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

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The Central Association of Finnish Photographic Organizations, Finnfoto Artist Organisations Taiteilijajärjestöt

The main aim of the Central Association of Finnish Photographic Organizations, Finnfoto, is to work for the benefit of all Finnish photographers, professional and amateur alike. As a member of the Kopiosto copyright organization in Finland, Finnfoto monitors the copyright of photographers, gives advice concerning copyright matters and oversees copyright legislation in Finland. Another key aim is to improve the status of photographers as well as their appreciation as professionals. Internationally Finnfoto is a member of the Pyramide Europe organization and a partner of various Scandinavian photographic organizations.

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The Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo Artist Organisations

The Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo is an expert organization for designers. Ornamo advances the profession of designers and promotes the role of design in society.

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The Photographic Artists’ Association Artist Organisations

The Photographic Artists’ Association was founded in 1988. It represents artists who use photography as their main vehicle of artistic expression. The Association is a national organization that promotes and supports Finnish photographic art and promotes the professional, economic and social interests of its members. Its activities consist mostly of providing information and counselling services to its members as well as organising exhibitions and other events involving photography.

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Union of Finnish Art Associations Artist Organisations Taiteilijajärjestöt

The Union of Finnish Art Associations is the umbrella organisation for art associations in Finland. Established in 1938 it represents 6000 professional artists through its 52 nationwide member associations. The Union advocates strengthening the position of its regional member associations and safeguarding  the livelihoods of artists across the country. The Union is one of the six members of the Artists’ Association of Finland.

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